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January 17, 2012

The Secrets Behind Your Comfortable Zone & The Novelty Attraction – Online Dating Assistance For Men

Why do we avoid facing reality? Why do we conceal the truth with a lie? Come to think of it, many of us as humans really like to live in our own comfort zones. It truly is an in-born desire. Life, in its fundamental form hardly offers much comfort, both physical and mental.

We’re compelled to identify it ourselves and if we’re unable to do that, we create them. In the end, there is no better alternative in life than to “feel good”.

So what’s it about the first couple of weeks or months using a date site for free that makes it so exciting and tempestuous? Mull over this: first you find a person, discover whether the chemistry is right, and if it is so, pursue it with positive energy.

One of the most important elements in the early days of romancing (look at the first 60 days) that carry the couple through is, what I call, the “Novelty Syndrome”.

Much like when we got a new toy in our childhood. The sheer excitement of getting to know somebody when you were young dating, opens up fresh vistas in your mind and makes you go blind and you start believing in a number of white lies. That is why its entertaining to watch young adults dating.

You are hardly in a mood to confront the warning signals as they gradually appear, but if you do, you can avoid the several pitfalls which might lie ahead.

It is important to bear in mind one essential thing about human nature. Nothing “new” holds its “newness” after a while. A brand new vehicle, a new house, a new bike eventually loses out on its “new” appeal.

Even in a romantic relationship, why does it have to wither out? What happened to that spark? It occurs primarily because you “knew” her almost fully and started to take her for granted.

The key behind any successful relationship that lasts, has a great deal to do with investment and re-investment of time, love, care and trust. The phrase, you reap what you sow, holds very true in a human relationship.

You may agree with me that the first ten dates, are maybe the trickiest, regardless of the initial euphoria of knowing someone new. This section can, to my mind, be analyzed using science, instead of art.

When you care to break this period step by step and focus on each step, you are much less likely to fall into the “better than nothing” trap.

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January 15, 2012

Fun And Romantic Games Just For Young Dating Couples: Relive Your Very First Date

An enjoyable thing to do when things get a bit stale is spend a couple of days away from one another. Now, before I go any further, let me say this is not a bad thing. This is all geared toward adding just a little extra fun in the mix, if you are up for a small adventure.

You may sit down with your dating partner and collaborate on which one of you will spend a few days away from one another. Okay, so let’s say your dating partner chooses to be the one to spend a couple of nights at a hotel. Then let a couple of days go by without contacting each other.

You haven’t seen one another for 3 days and he’s planning on taking you somewhere neither of you have been prior to. Where? Who knows?

That’s his choice. But wherever you’re going, you should be dressed to impress to ensure that when he shows up at your front door he’ll be presented with his prize for all of his hard work – a spectacular beauty at his side!

During your date, it makes for a good time to express what your feelings are and how much you appreciate one another. You’ll find certain valuable things each of you bring to the table of your dating relationship, and maybe throughout the time you were apart. You got to see just how much he offered you on a daily basis.

And to add more on top of that, more than the last few days, things may have happened in your life that he would typically be there to witness. Well, this time he wasn’t. So why not catch him up? It makes for a good conversation similar to the usual date scenario.

When the two of you have come to enjoy the evening together, you have enjoyed the fine wine and an excellent dinner, and maybe had some chemistry on the dance floor. Apart from that, he’s enchanted you with his dashing good looks and charismatic smile.

Then when the night comes to an end, you decide it’s time to go. You had a lovely evening and you reconnect on the way back home.

At least home is where you think you’re going, until he invites you to his place (the hotel). You accept.

In the hotel, the two of you talk for several more hours and at some point find that old familiar chemistry drawing both of you close once again. So you decide to stay that night at his place.

The fun of it is that a lot of it really is such a wild card. Both of you may have surprises to look forward to and you get the sweetness of reestablishing intimacy in a brand new way while you choose your own adventure!

If this is too farfetched for you, take a look at young dating sites for a few exciting ideas. Visiting dating websites for young adults will give you a fresh new point of view on dating. There are lots of new young dating websites popping up on the internet.

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