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June 1, 2009

women looking for casual sex encounters

Hiya boys! I’m fun, bubbley, energetic, basically all the good things anyone could possibly me, thats me rolled into one perfect human being, lol.I wouldn’t say I have any bad points about me to be fair. I reckon a few people could though just coz I’v been around a bit, but so fuckin what, thats what I say!

I think I’v got a wicked body, not too fat, not to thin, and I’v got big boobs for a small girl. Bet you would love to have them in your mouth? and have your big hard cock in between them with my tits rubbing up and down either side of your cock, and I fucking love it when people cum all over my tits it turns me on so much.

Then once you have played around with them as much as you like then you have a play with me, put ur fingers deep inside my cunt and see how wet you can make me, then I would want you to let me have a taste because that really gets me going aswell. Then I’ll throw you back and suck your dick, wait till your almost about to cum then stop and push your head down so you can return the favour, once we both cant take it anymore then I’ll want you to hold my arms down so I have no control and then fuck the shit out of me, I want you to fuck me so hard to the point when I cant stand the pain and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. Think your man enough??. Come and find me online at the london casual relationships site.

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