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May 31, 2009

mature sex dating midlands

well still turned on from yesterday i contacted¬†Alan again to see if we could meet again. He agreed to meet so i showered and drove to his. All i could think about was what hapened yesterday i was so hot for it. I was wearing a thong and could feel i was wet through, it was coming through my pants. I arrived feeling real horny and excited, i felt less nervous today but still edgey but thats what made it so good!!! I knocked the door and went in.¬†Alan was waiting and we kissed for a few moments before going to the bedroom. he undressed me slowly kissing and caressing my body, i asked if i could keep my babydoll top on as i liked wearing it during sex it made me feel naughty and in return he asked if he could take pics of me. he was solid and rock hard already so was obviously as excited as me about the whole thing, i fondled his cock and then sucked it hard until i could no longer wait. begging him to fuck me he took pics of me sucking his knob and then him finger fucking me until i came again. once i was completely soaking and could take it no more he slipped his cock in slowly and fucked me until i came. he was still hard so i sucked his cock again while he played with my tits, pinching my nipples, i then rolled ontop of his cock and sat down deep on his cock mmmmmmmmmmmm it hit the spot . I rode his cock until i came again and then i rode his cock until he came and got off just in time to see his spunk shot all over his stomach i liked him clean. we sat and chatted after and had a coffee, while we were talking i thought oh god i’m still horny do i ask him to fuck me again or will he think i’m a slut so left feeling really hot still. arrived home and got my toys out and relived the whole episode in my head again except with my toys. Not the same though as the real thing !!!!!

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