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January 27, 2012

Speed Dating – Make Sure That You Thoroughly Brush Your Teeth And Have Fresh Breath!

Want to have a successful Speed Dating evening? Be warned, 3 out of 5 UK women and men say stained, jagged teeth are a complete turn-off!

New research reveals that singletons are flocking to speed dating events around the world in their quest to find their ideal mate. Yet, they may be forgetting that tiny, yet crucial things like a clean white grin are wrecking their chances of making the right impression on a night with the opposite sex!

The report shows that more than 60% of speed daters said that they wouldn’t give a person with discolored or yellowish teeth the time of day, and 70% are first attracted to a person by their smile.

With speed dating allowing just three short minutes to create a lasting impression, Tracey Cox, TV’s dating professional offers dating advice on how to get noticed when it counts:

Double up on the smiles:

Grinning is contagious and it really is the easiest, most subtle way to show interest without looking desperate. Greet them with a broad, pleasant grin, which shows all your teeth.

Look at their mouth a lot:

The more we’re attracted to somebody, the more time we spend looking at their teeth. It’s a really, very sexy gesture because the person can’t help but think and wonder if they’re imagining what it would be like to kiss me?

Put a finger in your mouth or stroke your lips:

If you’ve got excellent teeth, you’re successfully pointing to one of your best assets. Plus you’re sending a pseudo sexual signal because mouths are an erotic zone.

Take advantage of the killer threesome:

Combine a smile, leaning forward as well as a touch and you’ve sent the clearest signal that you simply find them alluring.

We know that coffee and wine are two of the worst culprits for causing discolored teeth. However, by attempting to include alternatives like white wine or herbal tea means we don’t have to live in complete abstinence from our creature comforts.

There are also quick and easy ways to doubleyourdating appeal and reverse teeth staining the professional way or via teeth whitening products available over the counter.

If you need more tips on speed dating, get some deangelo dating advice. Happy dating!

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January 18, 2012

Do You Want Online Dating Site Success? Study Your Competitors

It is largely understandable that a lot of people remain skeptical regarding the ultimate effectiveness of online dating. After all, it’s only fairly recently that the activity has been recognized as part of the social mainstream.

One notorious phrase in the film Cruel Intentions refers to the e-mail format as the last bastion of “social recluses,” and several other media have lampooned the method of online dating at one time or another.

Of course, times have changed, and opinions on this subject have shifted significantly. An ever escalating quantity of Americans and people the world over, for that matter are starting to view internet dating as a legitimate selection for romantic success.  

A lot of of them are also searching for dating suggestions on the web from ross Jeffries and the doubleyourdating website.

Part of this double your dating craze is as a result of the proliferation of web access in the world today. A study by the journalism site reports that almost 70 percent of Americans today utilize the web in some facet.  

When it comes to pure numbers, approximately 137 million Americans reported going on the internet with some frequency throughout the last year. Of this vast sum, an increasing percentage has turned to the speed and reliability of broadband web connections versus dial-up, thus streamlining and making their time on the internet more effective.  

What this means is that, when the number of people going on the web has plateaued in recent years, those that are connecting are spending increasingly more time online. In addition, a greater number of people are utilizing the internet to look after their business in life.  

This increased reliance online coupled with the large number of folks connecting online has played a huge role in affecting people’s views on services including online dating.  

TV and radio advertisements tout the ability of “serious” online dating websites and their respective personality profiles to efficiently pair you up with a serious romantic interest. A steady stream of married couples point to one site or another as a primary reason for their relationship’s success.

Online dating has continued to grow and evolve using the increased popularity of the world wide web.  Regardless of what kind of relationship you hope to find, chances are great that you simply will be able to find a potential romantic match online. The numbers are too vast to expect otherwise.  

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