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May 31, 2009

casual dating bristol encounters

Thanks for all the attention Iv’e got on here boy’s sorry i couldn’t reply to them all I would have still been on here by the end of  the summer….. lol I’m very flattered by your comments on my pictures………. I wish you all well hope you find what your looking for on here…. Sam.xxxxxxxx

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casual dating edinburgh

So its saturday again and i think its got to be my horny day. Whenever i want it i jsut cant have it. Im at home infront of my computer looking at some fit pictures when all i want is you here fucking me. I need to relieve my frustration. Got to go and find some fun online..come and help me boys and gitls..

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May 28, 2009

south manchester casual relationship

Been single for around 18 months and still not wanting to get tied down again. So this site resolves the sex issue pretty well but theres other things need sorting too. Im talking about a no-strings someone – friend with benefits – to go to gigs with, enjoy a holiday with, and maybe less critically enjoy the odd air show or motor show. Easier going to the last two on my own, and did go to Peru on my own about 5 years ago. Well Ive been trying to tell you guys Im not the average woman, and being independent Im capable of paying for my own tickets.  But what the hell, suppose it increases the number of people to contact. Ive got two tickets for a gig in Manchester and if someone else doesnt volunteer Ill end up taking my friends. Good company as they are, much rather go with someone fun and maybe an overnighter in Manchester guess theres time yet? But it made me think – although were all very disinhibited about talking straight, anal, group, and all kinds of sex seems its taboo to say – hey do you fancy a no strings night (or day) out?. Why is that?

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